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Miniestéreo da Contracultura

A netlabel with a goal of collaborative musical creation.

Our intention is to congregate different languages of “non-commercial” music in a never-ending chain of collaboration in all processes of music production, like a lab of new ideas where all who participate learn with one another, adding to the final products different levels of experiences for mutual benefit.

We hope to dialogue with different esthetic-musical views, seeking to build a wealth of material that is  original, new, daring and creative, with the purpose of unifying in just one community artists of varying segments who together build democratic spaces for dialoguing with the public, focusing on free online releases.

Protofonia – A Consciência do Átomo

Compre já o seu LP! Enviamos para todo brasil! Retirada Gratuita em Brasília/DF!
Compre Já seu LP!